Date: May 8, 2017
Created by: Dawood

3 Hot Interior Themes for Your Coffee Shop Design

Whether you’re opening a new coffee shop or uplifting your existing interior design, we’ve listed three of the hottest themes to give your establishment an on-trend look. Check them out below: 

1) Celestial

The industrial trend is set to receive a sci-fi makeover focusing around materials and finishes inspired by space. Think loud textures mimicking the shape of craters and ceramic tiles infused with gas-like patterns. The futuristic theme will feature metals as the main material but showcase more metallic finishes to achieve a swanky space punk aesthetic.

2) Botanical

The whole interior theme of bringing the outdoors indoors is still on-trend and a favourite amongst hospitality establishments. This year, the theme is set to focus closely on plant life featuring floral-inspired fabrics combined with a subtle colour palette of ochre, olive and salmon. The botanical theme is great for coffee shops and restaurants focused on organic offerings and for adding a zest of life to any sized space.

3) Mineral

Earthy materials and colour palettes are equally on-trend for coffee shop and restaurant interior design. Stones including marble, granite and crystal are among the most popular material choices and can used as bold statement pieces or as a finish for general décor. A mixed colour palette of soft blues, browns and greys adds sophistication and contrast to the stones, which can also be accented through the use of textural patterns and shimmering surfaces.

By Dawood Pathan

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