Date: April 27, 2017
Created by: Dawood

What’s the Secret to A Successful Brand?

We can’t stress enough the influence strong branding has on your overall coffee shop concept, including the interior design. However, what are the traits of a successful brand?

Target Audience

One of the key foundations to building a successful brand is to understand the target market. Who is your consumer? What are their interests and how do they communicate? All of these questions will provide direction to building the overall brand identity, influencing not only the visual aspect of your coffee shop but also the personality and characteristics of your business.


Customers are more likely to revisit a coffee shop or restaurant if they have received a quality experience. This could include the standard of offerings or even a warmly welcome, maintaining consistency is crucial in building customer loyalty and increasing return visits.


It’s obvious the hospitality market is heavily saturated. However, coffee shops and restaurants are still thriving despite new openings as each one offers something different. Having a unique selling point (USP), whether in the form of a speciality item or a particular service, can separate you from competition and make you known amongst the crowd.


Creating exposure for your coffee shop or restaurant is easier than ever with access to some of the most advanced technologies including our smartphones. Combine this with social media applications and you have a worldwide reach at the tip of your fingers. Focusing on market trends and developing an active presence across social media platforms can generate positive exposure and keep you relevant amongst your consumers.

By Dawood Pathan

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