Date: May 22, 2017
Created by: Dawood

Why Your Coffee Shop Signage Design Matters

At the core of branding, innovative shop signage can grab the attention of potential customers through the use of effective fascia’s and projections. In any business, signage should reflect your company’s message, provide enough information for potential customers and be recognisable whilst creating an impact. Here we have a look at some considerations when designing coffee shop signs that will help you stand out from the competition.

1) Text

Whether it’s just the shop name or including a tag line, it’s important to portray and make it clear as to what sort of establishment it is. Built up or fret/cut out lettering can help build a brand awareness making it instantly recognisable, creating a lasting image.

2) Colour

First impressions count and colour is probably the first thing that draws our attention to any sign. Use colours that help represent your coffee shop, support the branding and create recognition.

3) Iconography

Iconography can help support lettering and give a clear visual of what is being offered. For a coffee shop, where every person passing by is a potential customer, icons must grab attention and support the company message.

4) Texture

To add interest, various materials can be considered such as wood, Perspex and aluminium to help create character and originality. Using materials that really stand out can instantly benefit your business by reaching out to a wider audience.

By Charlotte Anderson

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