Date: April 4, 2017
Created by: Dawood

Why Your Restaurant Needs Social Media

Social media should be well-considered by all restaurants and it shouldn’t be just millennials that are targeted, suggests new research from HGEM, a guest experience management consultancy.

According to the latest research from HGEM, two thirds of customers visit a restaurant’s social media before dining out. 58% of millennials have stated they will check a restaurant’s social media before visiting whilst 53% of 56 – 65 year-olds have spoken of following the same habit.

When participants were questioned why they had visited a restaurant’s social media, 30% said they were looking for menu information whilst 22% claimed to be seeking customer reviews.

Interaction between staff and customers is also an important aspect of the restaurant experience. 62% of customers deemed on-site conversations more important than social media interaction compared to 34% of customers who felt both online and on-site experiences are equally important.

Facebook was noted as the most popular social media channel with 64% of diners using the platform to interact with restaurants. In terms of content, promotions and offers were the most popular posts across social media, with events and competitions following behind.

“Ensuring your restaurant’s channels are updated regularly with pertinent and engaging information is crucial to meet guest expectation of what content is available – and shareable – on social networking sites.” Says HGEM managing director Steven Pike.

“We know that social media is an incredibly powerful tool for operators to monitor customer feedback and maintain a seamless guest experience, however the results emphasise the influence that such platforms have over what drives diners to visit a venue in the first instance.”

Restaurants should make their social media channels a priority as it is evident the present day consumer is actively engaging online with their digital presence. Failing to maintain an active social media presence with quality and interactive content could turn away customers and hinder business growth.

By Dawood Pathan

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