Date: May 3, 2017
Created by: Dawood

3 Tips to Improve Your Coffee Shop Experience

As a customer, we naturally return to a coffee shop or restaurant if we have received a quality experience. However, how can coffee shop owners improve or better the experience to ensure more return visits? Read below for 3 quick tips:

1) Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes are great for engaging with your local community and for appealing to a much wider target audience. The subject of workshops do not have to stay coffee related, but could delve into arts, crafts or even literature. Partnering up with a social influencer to co-host a class could help to increase awareness and encourage return visits to your coffee shop.

2) Free Wi-Fi  

Despite the majority of consumer having a smartphone, many are without mobile data or are cautious of using up their data plans. Offering free Wi-Fi is an enticing way to attract customers to your coffee shop and to encourage the sales of your offerings.

Coffee shops are increasingly becoming co-working spaces due to their casual environment and ease of access to internet. Combine this with quality beverages and food items and you have the perfect spot to work away from home.

3) Cloud-based POS Systems

Cloud-based point of sale (POS) systems have allowed the hospitality industry to operate more efficiently. POS systems provide businesses with tools to monitor sales, performance stats and order statuses and can be accessed from mobile to desktop devices. With technology constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, the cost of implementing POS systems has become more affordable for all sizes of businesses.

By Dawood Pathan

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