Date: June 12, 2017
Created by: Dawood

3 Ways to Improve Your Coffee Shop Experience

Your coffee shop experience always has room to improve to keep up with consumer trends. Here are 3 simple yet effective ways to improve your coffee shop experience: 

1) Free Samples

Offering free samples to customers outside of your coffee shop is a fantastic way to introduce them to your brand and your offerings. This tactic is particularly useful for new establishments who may be looking to build a customer base, but also those who may wish to test a new menu item with their customers.

2) Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a key element to the development of your coffee shop experience. Listening to your customers will make them feel connected and help you as the business owner to identify what is and isn’t working within your operation.

Customer feedback could be obtained through simple conversation at the till or through a comment/suggestion box in store or on your website.

3) Become a Coffee Expert

Educating customers with insightful knowledge on coffee can help to differentiate independent coffee shops from the bigger chains. Sharing expert knowledge can build credibility for your business and attract customers interested in learning more about coffee.

There are several ways in which you can share knowledge including infographic artwork, speaking to customers in person or writing an online blog for your website.

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By Dawood Pathan


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