Date: August 7, 2017
Created by: Dawood

3 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Coffee Shop Design

As an experienced designer and shopfitter, we understand the importance of making a memorable impression with your coffee shop design. Here we take a look at 3 ways you can make a statement with your coffee shop interior:

1) Bold Feature Walls

A great way to make a statement within your coffee shop interior design is by creating a feature wall. Feature walls are purposely designed to stand out and can include anything from hand-painted murals to 3D textured surfaces. Most feature walls tend to be in prime view within coffee shop or restaurant designs to attract attention and provide the perfect opportunity to capture an Instagram-worthy snapshot.

2) Impressive Lighting Design

There is no doubt great lighting is key to setting the mood within restaurants and coffee shops. However, there is more to lighting than just its functional aspect. Creative lighting fixtures can make some of the best statement pieces and bring together neighbouring design elements to strengthen an interior scheme. Whether you choose to go for something quirky and bold in size or perhaps something elegant and intricate, lighting pendants can be just as successful at creating a real wow-factor. 

3) Standout Counters

Making a feature of your counter design is one way to attract customers and to highlight the importance of your service area. You could focus on using raw and exposed materials for a rustic industrial-look or maybe opt for something futuristic and savvy by installing full height, seamless digital displays. Of course, the design of your counter will be dependant on your overall interior scheme but there are endless possibilities to make a real masterpiece.

By Dawood Pathan

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