Date: April 20, 2017
Created by: Dawood

5 Global Food Trends For Your Restaurant

Food trends are constantly evolving in the UK with consumers enjoying new ethnic cuisines and dining experiences. We’ve updated our top food trends for this year, looking at the most popular global influences. Check them out below:

1) Dumplings

 Whilst bao buns have increased in popularity across the UK, their soft and filling counterpart, dumplings, are not far behind and pose as serious competition. Dumplings can be equally customised accommodating for several ingredients, making a versatile quick dish for all types of consumer.

London street food traders The Ugly Dumplings and Dumpling Shack are looking to move their operations to permanent locations, following their success as casual dumpling pop-ups. Both establishments focus on combining western ingredients with traditional Asian recipes to create heart-warming dumpling dishes.

2) Poke

 Poké – a Hawaiian marinated raw fish dish – blew up last year and has shown no signs of fading out on the UK food scene. Several Poké-focused restaurants have since launched in the UK including Island Poké, Ahi Poké and Black Roe Poké bar and grill.

Poké is often made using tuna or salmon and features the core ingredients for Asian cuisine such as ginger, sesame seeds and onion. The Hawaiian dish has proved to be a hit amongst the rising population of health-conscious consumers, tying in well with the trend of bowl foods.

3) British Charcuterie

Following the Brexit fiasco and the weakening of the pound, British charcuterie has become much more desirable as the price is now in line with their European neighbours. Charcuterie is perfect for casual dining establishments looking to introduce snacks for afternoon or evening trade. British charcuterie has already made its way onto UK restaurant menus including Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian.

4) Syrian

 Syrian cuisine is beginning to pop up across the UK food scene, following awareness on the ongoing conflict and plight of refugees. Syrian food is fairly similar to Lebanese and Turkish cuisine with many dishes involving chickpeas, olives, pomegranates, lemon and garlic. Last month, Bethnal Green was treated to a two week pop-up led by Syrian chef Imad Alarnab where he served up classics including kabsa (roast chicken and rice infused with spices) and tabakh rohoo (an aubergine, squash and tamarind stew).

5) Portuguese

Portuguese cuisine hasn’t yet taken off when compared to other ethnic restaurants although this is soon to change with new restaurant openings including Taberna do Mercado and Bar Douro. Whilst many may instantly think of Nandos when Portuguese cuisine is mentioned, there is actually more to it including salt cod cakes, traditional stews made with cured meats and roast suckling pig.

By Dawood Pathan

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