Clerkenwell Design Week is held every year in May and showcases some of the most influential suppliers in our market. We took the opportunity to send our designers to the show to see what new trends we can explore.

The event programme had carefully curated exposition centres in the heart of the creative capital of London. Each area on the map had a fantastic buzz, which was decorated with brightly coloured temporary installations and fun brand activations, all in and around the streets of Farringdon.

Over two days our design team discovered, interacted and connected with industry professionals. They saw some mesmerising showrooms, which showcased products from all sections of the industry.

There were events, workshops, product launches and parties, which were enjoyed after long days of walking and talking, including a cupcake-making workshop at the EGG carpets showroom, and on the second evening a pizza night at Vescom Fabrics (which we will be back for next year!) as well as seeing their amazing fabrics of course.

Alas, it wasn’t all showrooms and socialising, the team came across fantastic suppliers who we can’t wait to continue to collaborate with and have been using extensively in our project work since the design week.

We can’t wait to revisit next year to gain more insight into the trends, the up-and-coming and to network with our current suppliers, making sure we are constantly providing our clients with the best we can offer.

Posted by: Olivia Grier

Vescom Fabrics

Icon Street Posters

Baux Installation