A question that we get asked frequently by our clients – What is the difference between Brand Artwork and Brand Mockups?

This can be perplexing, especially for those less familiar with graphic design. In our design package, we supply clients with both Artwork and Mockups, each showcasing the brand concept we have produced. So what is the difference? Here’s a straightforward breakdown:

Brand Artwork:

  • Definition: Visual elements constituting your brand identity, such as the logo, colour scheme, typography, and unique design elements.
  • Form: Actual design files or assets representing your brand visually.
  • Usage: Serves as the foundation for all branding materials.
  • Nature: The design file ready for printing, sized correctly, with the appropriate colour profile and format. Examples include a window vinyl sticker or a branded takeaway cup.

Brand Mockups:

  • Definition: 3D visual representations illustrating how your Brand Artwork will appear in real-world applications.
  • Usage: Demonstrates how your brand will look on various marketing materials, products, or in specific environments.
  • Purpose: Helps stakeholders envision the brand application and interaction with different media or products.

In short, Brand Artwork comprises the actual design assets defining your brand, supplied as 2D Design files that are ‘Ready to Print’. Whilst Brand Mockups are the 3D visual tools showcasing how the artwork will be applied and displayed in real-world scenarios. 

While Brand Artwork forms the core design, Brand Mockups serve as a vital tool for presenting and testing its application in marketing and design contexts.

Posted by: Lauren Algar

Brand Stickers on a roll for a coffee shop design in london

An example of a Brand Mockup: a 3D visualisation for what this clients branding would look like on stickers.

Archers logo branded by Catersales

The Brand Artwork: This is the ‘Print Ready’ file that the client receives. In the correct file format, colour mode, bleed and size – ready to send to the printers.