A year ago, the restaurant industry was hit by a worldwide shut down due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Now the sector returns, commercial designers have had to consider how to further protect the public’s health, using materials, distancing, physical separation and proximity.

Entrance Space
Since the pandemic, people are no longer being crammed into small spaces before being seated. Entrances have had to be reconsidered, introducing waiting areas with sanitisation and check-in stations. A well-designed entrance space that mimics the ambience of the overall restaurant will leave a lasting first impression on your customers. 

Designers have had to come up with ways to eliminate potential risks from touching contaminated surfaces. Materials for high-contact surfaces that can withstand regular sanitisation have had to be considered. Materials with anti-bacterial properties like copper, linen and some timbers are great for keeping your customers safe.

Social Barriers
Restaurants with unnatural wayfinding paths and rigid social barriers can make customers feel they are being inconvenienced. It is important to properly consider the spacing and layout of a restaurant. Reducing points of entry, creating one-way systems and utilising furniture and partitions to help zone seating areas will make for a safer and more user-friendly space.

Well-designed restaurants consider the customer’s health and safety from beginning to end.  Next week we will disclose more on how the restaurant design industry has changed its priorities.

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Posted by: Fey Mac Canna