In a post-pandemic world, restaurants and cafes have had to implement a lot of changes to help protect the public’s health, utilising materials, distancing, physical separation and proximity.

QR Codes 
The restaurant industry has moved their focus from physical to digital menus. Contactless ordering from a QR code is ‘the new normal’ as it eliminates menu sharing between customers and reduces staff contact. Many restaurants have recognised the opportunity to elevate their menu design by making it digitally interactive. Top tip – professional photography of your menu makes all the difference!

Outdoor Spaces 
The pandemic has birthed a newly found love for al fresco dining due to social distancing guidance. Pergolas, canopies, awnings  and outdoor heaters are the most popular purchases to make outdoor dining comfortable, even when it is raining. A lick of paint, decorative tiles and fresh foliage are a few ways to aesthetically transform any outdoor space.

Remote workers
As remote working becomes more common, many employees seek a space away from home to work remotely. Many cafes and coffee shops spotted this gap in the market, and took the opportunity to invest in equipment, fittings and furniture that facilitate remote work. Comfortable long-stay seating, noise cancelling materials, power points and adequate lighting are all considerations that must not to be forgotten. 

Staying innovative and being willing to adapt can keep your business strong and resilient.  

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Posted by: Fey Mac Canna