Date: June 8, 2017
Created by: Dawood

How to Increase Footfall for Your Coffee Shop

In today’s ever so crowded hospitality market, it can be a task to drum up the customers for your coffee shop. Despite this, there are several ways to increase customer footfall from enticing shopfront displays to engaging marketing strategies. 


1) Shopfront

One of the simplest ways of enticing customers into your coffee shop is to ensure it is visually appealing. Coffee shop signage should be eye-catching, memorable and attract customers and it doesn’t just stop with the letters above the door. Consider using other methods including window vinyl graphics, a-boards or perhaps a quirky artwork display, to make yourself different to your competitors.


2) Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing all starts with providing excellent customer service. People love to talk about their experiences, especially with family or friends, but it will take something exceptionally good (or bad) to inspire them to share their experience. Going the extra step with each of your customers will help to generate a positive buzz to get your coffee shop trending through recommendations.


3) Social Media

A large majority of independents don’t have the time or resources to invest in social media marketing. However, there are several strategies to develop an effective marketing plan, which can increase your coffee shop’s customer base. Here’s one of them:

  • 1) Identify your target market
  • 2) Focus on one platform at a time (We’d recommend Facebook or Instagram)
  • 3) Select key success metrics
  • 4) Analyse your content performance
  • 5) Create a social media marketing plan


4) Participate in Events

Supporting local events can help to increase your coffee shop’s awareness, especially amongst your local community. Consider participating in fundraisers, supporting neighbourly businesses or donating to non-profit organisations. You’ll be surprised to see that many organisations and businesses will be willing to equally support you in return!


5) Share Customer Reviews

Encourage customers to leave reviews for your coffee shop, whether that is on your social media platforms or through Google. Coffee shops with more reviews tend to show up first on Google searches and are more appealing to potential customers than those with little to none. Positioning reminders around your shop or perhaps on printed goods may help to increase the number of reviews.


By Dawood Pathan


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