With food delivery rapidly expanding, it’s more important than ever for restaurants to entice customers. Essential to this is the dining experience, interior design and layout. These top trends for 2020 can help your restaurant to stay relevant and thrive in this ever-changing market. 
Designated Waiting & Ordering Areas 
Delivery operators (Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats) have captivated a huge demand for delivery orders from restaurants. Many restaurants are adapting to the changing customer habits by accommodating a pickup area for delivery drivers. The congestion is dramatically reduced and dine-in customers will be kept separate from the pickup drivers.  
Food Halls & Open Dining 

You will see lots of communal dining in 2020. People are loving the diverse, authentic offering from a collection of counters all under one roof. There is a big appeal because small restaurants can expand with minimal investment and focus on the food. Furthermore, developers are able to bring in a range of dining customers and maximise the footfall and return on the space.  
Deep Colours & Organic Shapes  

Moving forward from the pastel hues, bold colours (think emerald and navy) alongside shapely structures, rich materials and strategical lighting will combine to create more luxurious, influential designs in the new decade. Striking designs can lead to strong brand presence with a continued consideration on the backdrop potential for social media. 
Restaurant interior design is constantly evolving to keep things exciting for consumers. If you have big plans for a complete design renovation this year, we can help!  

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Posted by: Fey Mac Canna