Date: December 22, 2015
Created by: Claire Mulreany

Pan de Vie Opens in Covent Garden | Catersales

Last week, Covent Garden saw the launch of its latest hotspot for foodies, Pan de Vie. The French-Chinese fusion patisserie concept combines high quality baking with exceptional coffee, gift boxes and more to please the central London palette.

The client’s design was based on vivid colours and minimal accessories to fully expose the foods on display. Catersales worked with the client’s team to bring all design work to the stage of implementation, managing the complete fit-out of the interior to stay on schedule and budget. The entire project extended from front and back bar counter installation to furniture supply and coffee machine training.

The front counters, featuring a crisp-white Hi-Macs worktop and large glass displays, serve as a major focus of the shop. Point-of-sale levels were incorporated to allow for additional items to be featured. A ‘marketplace’ of glass cabinets outlines the rest of the shop interior, providing key presentation space for baked goods and further retail.

Coffee Shop Interior Design | Pan de Vie

All furniture was supplied and fitted to suit the client’s preference, featuring button-back bench seating. Lighting, toilets and electrics along with storage areas were completed to standard. Interior signage included custom-designed wallpaper, illustrated with the brand’s collection of icons, and the shop front included frosted vinyls with crisp shop signage.

Patisserie continues to grow as a strong component of London’s food scene, in which modern, non-traditional and fusion concepts are creating new interest and diversity within this high-end market. Patisserie interior design has grown in its own right to reflect a more premium image, moving away from classic, continental styles.

Bringing concept to reality in time for the Christmas trade, the Catersales team ensured Pan de Vie was up and running through a fit-out project of high standard. We’re looking forward to our next visit when we can sample more of Pan de Vie’s menu – until then, watch this space!

By Emily Theodore

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