Date: August 10, 2017
Created by: Dawood

Restaurant Design: The Power of the Menu

The majority of diners spend only 3 minutes deciding on what to eat, according to new research by Elliots.

Diners are quicker than we thought at deciding what to order, according to a new survey of 270 consumers.

The survey, which examined the decision-making process of diners, revealed three in four people have already considered what to order within 2 minutes. And, a massive 65% arrive at their final decision only 60 seconds later.

It is thought that access to restaurant menus online has contributed to slashing ordering times with 63% of consumers stating they review an establishments menu online before visiting.

Diners are also considered to be ‘creatures of habit’ with three in five people saying they are most likely to order a dish they had on a previous visit to a restaurant or pub.

In terms of menu design, 67% of consumers stated they prefer shorter and concise menu descriptions with the same amount of consumers also revealing they read at most 5 full descriptions on menu items.

The results of the survey highlight the importance of menu design and menu science for restaurants, but also the impact of a strong online presence on diners. With increasing costs and competition within the hospitality market, restaurants will need to consider innovative methods to increase profitability.

By Dawood Pathan

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