The first national lockdown birthed a ton of trends and coffee was no exception.

Dalgona coffee is a drink that was first made popular by a South Korean tv show and soon became a popular TikTok and Instagram trend. The TikTok famous drink is made using equal parts of coffee, sugar and hot water whipped to a creamy paste, and added to a glass of milk. – The result is absolutely Instagramable.

Many more coffee trends have emerged from social media and have made their way into coffee shops over the past year and a half, here are a few examples:

Matcha has gained popularity over the past few years due to its amazing health benefits. HAVAN Boutique & Tea House located on Kensington High St, is centred around traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Serving a wide variety of matcha tea and coffee’s, Havan is perfect for seasoned matcha drinkers as well as first-timers.

Coffee Addict is where you will find a very wide selection of great coffee with the most unique flavours. They gained social media popularity because of their fun and colourful latte’s. The Ruby Rose Latte topped with rose petals is a fan favourite!

Healthy eating is the motto at the Heart Of Balham, however, their menu is far from boring. Among all their coffee selections, the turmeric latte is one that will give you the wake up that you need and may even help you kick your caffeine habit as it doesn’t contain any coffee.

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Posted by: Naomie Mampala

Matcha latte, HAVAN, Kensington High St | London

Colourful Lattes, Coffee Addict, Victoria | London

Turmeric Latte, HOB (Heart Of Balham), Balham, London