Date: June 26, 2017
Created by: Dawood

Why Your Restaurant Needs Pre-pay Mobile Ordering

As café and restaurant owners, it’s important to embrace new technology to remain competitive. Here’s what you need to know to adopt the latest mobile phone ordering technology.

Recent research by The Caterer, in partnership with ordering provider Wi-Q Technologies, shows 80% of hospitality businesses currently do not offer a mobile ordering option. Many restaurant owners are put off by the seemingly high costs of implementing this service. However, a third of businesses are considering investing in mobile app ordering technology within the year.

Today’s customers demand a convenient and efficient mobile phone ordering service which provides an alternative to waiting in a queue. As a restaurant owner, you can use this technology to gain a competitive advantage. Here are some of the benefits that a good mobile ordering service can provide:

Speed of Service

Time is precious and it’s clear that customers do not want to waste a single second waiting in a line to be served or make a payment. Waiting in a queue can deter customers from making a purchase. However, a successful mobile phone pre-order and pre-pay service allows the user to seamlessly order and pay with just a few clicks, saving time and stress. With orders and payments settled in advance, restaurants can serve guests efficiently; increasing table turn over and revenue.

Knowing Customers Better

Use this technology to your advantage through understanding customer’s habits and desires more intimately. Providing a connection between you and your guests, the app allows customers to share their personal information, allowing for greater business/consumer engagement and an enhanced customer experience. Loyalty schemes and marketing can be aimed more directly at the individual, introducing a more tailored overall experience. Employees can address customers by name and recommend their favourite drinks and meals. Customers respond positively to a friendly, engaging approach, encouraging them to stay loyal and frequent more often.

By Charlotte Anderson

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