So you’re looking to start up a business in the food sector…

You’ve got that great central idea and it feels terrifying and exciting in equal measure. Time to take the next step right?

This is the typical stage that a client calls us in. They don’t have all the detail, not even close, and quite frankly why should they? Its more than likely they first time they’re doing this and it can feel a bit like cartwheeling through a minefield with a blindfold on!

We offer the chance to sit down over a coffee (or tea, but mainly coffee!) and have a free of charge discovery meeting. It’s an hour, or 2, whatever we both need to get the answers we need to understand the best way to work together and for us to give you our initial input on your project.

From there, if we decide we’re the right fit for each other we take step 1, a detailed design brief. It’s a deep dive into where you’re at so far, and don’t worry, there are no wrong answers here!

We’ve got so much work to do together, and we’re here to take it slow, step by step to get you to the best possible place with your concept. We’ll work through:
– Business concept development
– Product streamlining
– USP refinement
– Business opportunity analysis
– Consumer profiling
– Site feasibility studies

It’s a collaborative process, and we love working with clients who are passionate. We’re here for you to offload all of your ideas for the business, weird and wonderful. We will focus on some and put others in the “next time round” box.

You will go from having that great idea to having a clear vision of how that idea is manifested as a business.

Now it’s time to talk branding!

You’ll have as many meetings as it takes to get this worked through and to a point that it nails what we need it to. We say that with confidence, because 99% of the time, it doesn’t take many. We bring our experience to the table, along with in depth research to present something you’re going to love.

In the branding phase, we will present you two options for the following:
– Name generation
– Brand Identity
– Brand voice
– Graphic Design
– Implementation mockups

We then progress one of those presented options with revisions based on your feedback to get to the final outcome.

That’s it!

Your new brand is born!

Now on to the site specific implementation. As soon as you have your site, we will come and carry out a full site survey to laser all of the dimensions, note services locations, capacities and any other specific considerations, such as listed shopfronts, common access areas etc which will impact the way we design the space.

This paves the way for the interior design phase which will cover:
– General Arrangement drawings
– Workflow analysis
– Customer journey and experience
– Service model design
– Equipment requirements
– Internal architecture
– In-store brand implementation
– Material selection
– Furniture selection
– 3D visuals internal and external
– Retail strategy

You will be invited down to our showroom and offices for this interiors meeting to experience the selected samples first hand. Leave plenty of time, theres a lot to go through, a lot to digest and most importantly, a lot to enjoy.

Once we have received feedback and refined the interiors accordingly you will be in the amazing position to be able to see your finished shop, with your finished brand and concept that started as a dream 8 weeks earlier, it’s exciting to say the least.

From here, we produce a complete itemised quotation for everything in the design work including:
– Wall finishes
– Flooring
– Shop signage
– Manufacturing of counters
– Furniture
– Services
– Joinery

We believe that for you to be happy and comfortable, you need as much clarity as possible and if you’re happy, we’re happy to work with you!

Once you give us the go ahead, you will receive detailed production drawings for every aspect of manufacturing for you to sign off. It’s a great visualisation tool to give the opportunity to make any final adjustments at a fine detail level.

With all finishes and drawings signed off its time for you to go on holiday, hand us the keys and come back to a finished shop. Honestly, we take care of it all and it frees you up to do what is important, like getting that new business ready for launch.

The most common phrase we get without a shadow of a doubt is “it looks just like the visuals”

Once we have transformed the site into your new shop, its time for you to take centre stage and let the magic happen.

Don’t worry, we don’t leave you on your own, we stay in touch with all of our clients and provide any support you need, be it marketing, introduction to suppliers, or someone to chat to about how it’s all going.

We’re here for you, let’s do this!

Posted by: Eren Hasan

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