Heart of Balham

Heart of Balham (HOB), a second-generation family-run cafe with Moroccan influences, underwent a redesign to offer classic coffee and a mix of British, Middle Eastern, and North African dishes in a cozy setting.

  • Consultation

  • Brand design

  • Spatial planning

  • Interior design

  • Supply, build & installation

  • Aftercare

Hob branding moodboard
hob branding
hob branding 2

HOB was born out of a long-established, family-run cafe in Balham. As Zak, the 2nd generation of that business started to take more creative control of the business, he recognised the need to update to remain successful. 

We were hired to advise on business concepts and create a brand new brand, with a change in name, concept adjustment and a new interior scheme to match. From that point on, HOB (Heart of Balham) was born. 

hob layplan

A contemporary, colourful and subtle rustic interior, featuring Moroccan-inspired elements to celebrate the owner’s heritage.

Designing the transformation of HOB (Heart of Balham) was an absolute joy, infusing vibrant colours, Moroccan-inspired elements, and a contemporary flair to create a playful and lively space that mirrored the exciting evolution of this family-run cafe.

They would be serving breakfast, lunch and brunch inspired by North African flavours and we created an interior to match. The interiors have an authentic, rustic palette of materials with a North African undercurrent with some subtle brand implementation throughout.

We carried out a time-sensitive refurbishment, carrying out a full scope of building works as well as bespoke manufacture of counters, furniture and decorative finishes. This was completed within a short window of time to minimise downtime for the business and to a high standard.

The result has been a completely transformed business concept with a new extended client base and a lot of longevity for the future.