Sambal Express

As a trusted partner, Sambal sought a modern rebrand and interior design for their flagship store in Rayners Lane. Inspired by the Sri Lankan heritage of the owners, the goal was to enhance community engagement and accessibility. The success of this venture has prompted consideration for opening another store soon.

  • Consultation

  • Brand design

  • Spatial planning

  • Interior design

  • Supply, build & installation

  • Aftercare


We have worked with Sambal Express across multiple sites since 2010 to help them roll out their Sri Lankan food-to-go concept across London. They are backed up by the largest Sri Lankan food producer in the UK who approached us to move into the retail sector due to our expertise in the field.

In 2022 following lots of successful sites, we had a discussion with them to put together a new concept store that was much more experiential coupled with a rebrand to keep the concept current and competitive.

We undertook a rebrand that resulted in a complete menu overhaul to better communicate the product offering to
non-native customers and make Sambal Express a place for food tourism and shopping alike.

A modern and welcoming blend, celebrating Sri Lankan heritage through a fresh color palette and artwork, creating an experiential space that invites customers to explore and appreciate the authentic food offerings.

Sambal Express has become a pivotal project for our portfolio, designing a provisions store with an emmense amount of design freedom gave our designers the chance to truly celebrate the Sri Lankan heritage in a modern way. The success of this venture marks a significant milestone and inspires us for future endeavors of this kind. does this make sense.

The interior design was an extension of this vision and was brought to life in a brand new flagship store in Rayners Lane. The colour palette and artwork we designed paid tribute to Sri Lankan heritage in a modern way, resulting in a space that feels fresh, inviting, and welcoming.

We designed, manufactured and installed all of the design elements including an extensive retail shelving area, island units, counter systems, metalwork, wall coverings, shop signage, large-scale graphics and more. 

The result was the birth of a new type of store for the brand which focuses more on the experience for the customer and communicates the amazing product inspiring adventure in their customers.