Hovig had a pioneering idea – a patented concept of a unique tea shot pulled from a coffee machine! Entrusting us to bring this vision to life, we transformed a former bank into the specialised tea shop it is today in Eastcote, London.

  • Consultation

  • Spatial planning

  • Interior design

  • Supply, build & installation

  • Aftercare


Hovig came to us with a passion and drive that was brilliant to work with. He wanted to do with tea what is currently done with coffee – that is to produce high-intensity shots that can be used in milk-based drinks.

Having worked as a manager in a high street coffee shop to gain experience, he wanted to partner with a company that could design the interior and deliver the project to the high standard to which he was working.

The interior design creates a comfy, cozy, and casually elegant vibe, all wrapped up with the brand’s unique colours. It’s like a friendly blend of style and ambiance, where customers can kick back and soak in the brand’s essence in a warm and inviting setting.

A casual and cosy interior design with varied hues of blue to help making a calming environment.

 “We chose Catersales to take the lead on the fit-out, a total turnkey solution to turning the space from a shell into a beautiful coffee shop. They were incredibly professional, and experienced, and are always happy to help out with ongoing care should it be required. When it comes to opening our second store, there’s no doubt we’ll be using them again to do the fit-out – that’s how pleased we are with them.” – Hovig 

With a challenging site which was previously a bank, we had to work very hard to make the interiors feel cosy, and inviting and also carefully plan the customer journey. We created lots of different zones within the seating areas as well as utilising graphics, texture and colour to define the different spaces. 

The result was a high-quality independent offering that has stood up against the competition from the chains and is well-loved in the community.