The Gallery

The Gallery, located within the Bluecoat Sports Health and Fitness Centre in Christs Hospital School, is a contemporary café that prioritises health, well-being, and a connection with the natural world. This project included a custom waiting area, café space, viewing bar, and a modern children’s play area.

  • Consultation

  • Brand design

  • Spatial planning

  • Interior design

  • Supply, build & installation

  • Aftercare


As part of the extensive redevelopment for Bluecoat Sports in Horsham, which included a new roof, kitchen, café area, and a multimillion-pound outdoor renovation plan, our team was brought in as coffee shop specialists. We seamlessly integrated our creative design vision into the physical space, covering both the conceptual phase and practical implementation. Our role spanned ideation to construction, crafting a distinctive interior and establishing a brand that effectively communicates the site’s enhanced features and services.

The revamped space introduces key updates to the open area, strategically creating zones to enhance spatial planning. Special attention was given to establishing distinct areas for children and guardians, ensuring a safe and enjoyable space for relaxation after classes. Large dividers were employed to manage the tall ceilings, creating cosy nooks for members to connect and unwind following solo or group exercise sessions. Designated areas for students from the connecting school were integrated, providing a tranquil setting for coursework completion.

The ambiance is characterised by a contemporary Scandinavian and nature-inspired aesthetic, achieved by harmonising a soft colour palette with a diverse range of textured materials. This approach not only adds visual interest and depth but also addresses the overwhelming presence of brick within the site.

We loved working on this diverse project, challenging ourselves to design a childrens play area that was both nature inspired and free from foliage created a unique panel design to soften the space.

In addition to supplying standard components, our team designed and fabricated numerous bespoke pieces exclusively for this location. These include a large oak dividing foliage structure, hanging oak plant fixtures, long bench seating with built-in storage and planters, a sofa module with built-in tables, and large organic-shaped wall coverings.

Throughout the project, meticulous planning and innovative solutions facilitated a swift turnaround, surpassing our client’s expectations. The once tired 1990’s-inspired café has been transformed into a modern hangout, catering to the enjoyment of all its members and students from the adjoined Independent boarding school – Christs Hospital.