Topkapi, a prominent Turkish grill and mezze shop in Bexleyheath, sought our expertise to revamp their brand and interiors. The outcome is a bright, casual, and contemporary design with a subtle, non-cliché Mediterranean influence. As they expand to multiple locations, we take pride in contributing to their success

  • Consultation

  • Brand design

  • Spatial planning

  • Interior design

  • Supply, build & installation

  • Aftercare


We were approached by Yusuf and Hasan to replicate the success of the site we had already completed for him in Bromley, London. The second site was to be in Bexleyheath and as with the first we were contracted to complete a full design pack for Branding and Interiors. 

The Interior Design was to replicate the feeling of the first site and to feel Turkish in a modern and non-cliched way. We utilised the same colour palette as the first store, with some additional variations. 

The deliberate use of patterned tiles, exposed brickwork, and elegant marble elements throughout the space not only showcases careful attention to detail but also effortlessly captures the essence of a laid-back Mediterranean style. These design choices combine to create an inviting and relaxed ambience. 

Moving on to phase 2 of the project, we designed and manufactured all of the counters and furniture elements to make the best use of the space, maximise workflow and also takeaway capacity. 

We advised on and supplied all of the equipment as well as carried out installation and training. 

The result was a second successful outlet, very well received much like the first. We do not doubt that we will be onto a third imminently!