Every year, more than 500,000 tonnes of food from restaurants, pubs and hotels are wasted. London has come to the conclusion that the best way to solve this is by eating it! 

Restaurants and bars all over London are going green to make the city more sustainable. From getting creative with surplus food to growing their own food, these restaurants are dedicated to making eating out an unforgettable, sustainable experience.  

Ugly Butterfly  

Adam Handling has opened a new restaurant determined to “prove that zero waste food can be beautiful”. Using leftover ingredients from his Chelsea restaurants, there will be a regularly changing menu. Expect things like banana bread with butter chicken and deboned crispy chicken feet, fried and topped with caviar. “This is our way of giving back” -not only does the restaurant encourage a reduction in food surplus, it also donates to charity.   


Proclaimed as “the restaurant designed from back to front”, Silo considers sustainability in every aspect from the menu to the interior. By choosing to trade directly with farmers, they source naturally processed food as well as eliminating the production of waste. Guests are encouraged to order from a frequently changing menu of innovative dishes or from the five-course tasting menu. With the goal to ‘close the loop’, there is a compost machine stationed inside, meaning that any restaurant scraps and trimmings go directly into a compost and are used to produce more food. 


Ryan Chetiyawardana, the guy behind Lyaness –titled the ‘World’s Best Bar 2018’ is also the brain child of Cub. A cocktail bar-restaurant that produces 70% less food waste than the average restaurant. They use considered ingredients and apply sustainable methods to create “delicious stuff that does good too”. The green motive doesn’t stop there. The founders are focused on informing the public how to live waste free at home and in the industry. “We’ve moved beyond focusing on waste – we’re trying to find ways of removing the stigma around the world of ‘sustainability’.” 

The restaurant industry in London is embracing sustainable methods and using these to inspire innovative restaurant concepts. Watch this space! 

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Posted by: Fey Mac Canna